Teachers College has been instrumental in creating a College Board course focusing on the African Diaspora. The African Diaspora refers to the displacement of one billion Africans during the Atlantic slave trade and its influence on modern societies and institutional racism. According to Professor Ernest Morrell of Teachers College, “If the African Diaspora was a country, it would be the third largest on the planet after China and India.”

Why is an Advanced Placement (AP) course essential on the African Diaspora essential to fighting for social justice? The course will fight against the marginalization of decedents of the African Diaspora and create a space for discussion.

Kassie Freeman, President of the African Diaspora Consortium, stresses that the African Diaspora is “a story that is so central to an understanding of history and cultures, and
to an understanding of the human experience, that it just has to be examined and told.”

The creation of an AP African Diaspora course is an important step towards fighting global injustice.

Perhaps even more important, however, is the call for teachers to teach this course.

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