Our fabulous Student Ambassador Alexii talks about her favorite stops on the One Train!

It’s the one train we have that brings us home (or to class if you’re a commuter like me). So let’s make the most of it! Here are the top ten best stops along our route. Whether you’re in Chelsea, Chinatown, or riding all the way to Battery Park, make the most of your time as a Columbia Student and enjoy your route through the West Side.

1. 215th street: Head uptown on November 5th to watch Columbia vs. Harvard at Baker Field Athletic Park!

2. 145th street: Another uptown favorite—Check out Harlem Public at 149th and Broadway—With a new brewery featured each month (this month check out Ballast Point) and cocktails for only $7, you can’t go wrong with this historic Harlem stop!

3. 110th Cathedral Parkway: Next, we’ll head downtown. Sure there are tons of bars near 110th (Amity Hall as we all know) but make sure to stop at Absolute Bagels at 2788 Broadway! Fresh bagels baked each day. Just make sure to bring cash!

4. 72nd Street: Trader Joe’s. We’re all broke and can for sure save money when grocery
shopping.  Bonus Points if you grocery shop during their least busy hours of 11AM-2PM.

5. 66th Street Lincoln Center: Make sure to check out this gorgeous venue during the Holidays by attending The Nutcracker between November 25th-December 31st! Tickets sell for as low as $20!

6. 28th Street: Chelsea. Whether it’s Walking the Highline, grabbing a drink at the famous Chelsea Hotel, or attending a $5 improv show where Amy Poehler first made her debut (Upright Citizens Brigade)  you will not want to miss an escape to Chelsea.

7. 14th Street: Union Square Holiday MarketAlright, I’ll be real with you. You’re going to have to walk a few blocks from the 1 train. Perhaps you can walk with hot cocoa or coffee that you grabbed from Toby’s Estate.

8. Canal Street: Don’t just use Canal Street for your access to Chinatown and Little Italy! Use it as your gateway through Tribeca, known for having some of the best bars and restaurants in all of Manhattan. Grab a four star brunch from Bubby’s without the four star price!

9. South Ferry: Phew! You made it all the way down! Check out Battery Park (See! There is green space in NYC!) or hop on the Staten Island Ferry to get a FREE view of the Statue of Liberty.

10. 42nd Street: Any New Yorker will tell you to avoid Times Square at all costs. Unless you’re looking to swim through millions of tourists, get hit with selfie sticks, or nearly assaulted by Mickey Mouse, Times Square is not the place to be. But, alas, it’s the home of Broadway. We deal with the suffering for the love of theater. Make sure to check out the website www.tix4students.com for great student tickets!

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