Student Ambassador Joseph is a rock star in both the K-12 and collegiate classroom. Joseph sat down with us to share his experiences as a student living in NYC!

Why did you choose to attend Teachers College?  

The resources at Teachers College drew me here. The school is extremely well-equipped to connect students to professionals in the real world while providing students with opportunities for professional development. I also knew that TC would be a place where I could find out what kind of teacher I wanted to be.

Why did you choose to enter into the English Education program?

I have always LOVED my English classes. I like words in general. I identify as a “logophile!” After researching different graduate schools of education, I really “gelled” with TC’s
commitment to combining quality English Education instruction with a commitment to the community. Our professors don’t only research ways to help students understand the conventions of English, but how writing can empower students to act on their potential.

What is your favorite word?



There was a street in the town where I grew up called “Fox and Prospect.” I just always thought that was the coolest combo!

How are your classes going?

I really enjoy my classes… the professors here are incredibly kind-hearted! They are willing to
help you in any way. I feel lucky that I have strong relationships with many faculty members. The professors also help students learn to use culturally-relevant pedagogy in their classrooms, which is extremely important in creating an inclusive, understanding, and nurturing environment. The really cool thing about the community here is that your classmates are just as helpful as the teachers. I feel as though I learn almost as much from the shared experiences with my classmates.

What has been the most challenging aspect of being a student at Teachers College?

I have come to terms with “going with the flow.” Living in the city, working with kids, and
balancing a challenging course load has made me a more flexible and patient person.

What is the most “New York” thing that you have done?

Order my groceries at 3:00 AM and have them delivered. The city really never sleeps!

What did you think of your first semester of student teaching?

It was such a great experience. I taught at Center School which is an extremely progressive school in Manhattan. It was invigorating to learn on the job while applying what I learned in my coursework to the classroom!

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