Student Ambassador Anissa Latif discovered her calling while studying abroad: international higher education.

Why did you choose to come to Teachers College?

I knew that I wanted to stay in New York. Specifically, I wanted to live in New York City. I also
loved how much Teachers College values international students. I actually found out that I was accepted into TC while abroad! I knew that I wanted to continue to learn about other cultures in graduate school. I knew that I wanted to live in an extremely diverse area, filled with educational opportunities that I could tap into.  

Why did you choose your program?

I always had an interest in higher education. Further, I became interested in Middle Eastern
Studies during the Arab Spring. I wanted to find a way to combine both of my interests. While working at the American University in Cairo, I realized that I wanted to continue to study international higher education.

What is the most “New York” thing that you have done?

I’m from New York, so I am not sure! To me, the city feels like home.

What was your favorite class?

I really liked a class titled “Education and the Development of Nations” taught by Professor Elizabeth Buckner. We discussed the impact of nationalism and extremism on education. I
felt like the class was, and is, extremely relevant to the global climate.

Where is the best place in New York City to get pizza?

Anywhere where you can get pizza for a dollar!

I know that you have taken courses outside of your department. What has this experience been like?

I am currently taking two history classes. The first is on the history of education policy in the
United States, and the second is on the history of higher education in the United States. It is extremely interesting to compare the issues of higher education from different time periods.

You live off-campus. How did you navigate the NYC housing market?

I currently am in my third lease in the city. I actually use Craig’s list. You have to be careful,
though, as the apartments could be a hit or miss! It has been wonderful living in so many different places because of the opportunity to explore so many different neighborhoods. Every place I have lived in has given me a different experience.

Will you please tell me about your experience working for the Office of Admission?

I love it! I actually think that working her has made me want to explore the possibilities of
pursuing a career in admissions. I like how we are the first point of contact for students and support students. As a student who has transferred many times during college, I understand how helpful and supportive people can completely change your experience.

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