Today we sat down with Rock Star Student Ambassador Alexii (M.A. TESOL K-12 Certification Track) to learn more about her student experiences at Teachers College!

Will you please tell me about your academic experiences at Teachers College?

So far I have loved my academic experiences here. I felt pushed in all of my classes. Also, the faculty members are extremely supportive and want to see you succeed.

How is your course load in your program?

My course load is quite heavy and I like that. Although I am balancing a lot on my plate right now, my professors and peers are incredibly supportive and help me succeed. I also appreciate the fact that I can take summer classes if I choose.

Will you please tell me about the faculty in your program?

The faculty members are fabulous! They are so well-versed in TESOL that even though they teach multiple classes on different subjects, they never sacrifice depth or insight for quantity of content. For example, I took a class with Dr. Williams on phenology and wrote a paper on sounds in the Greek language. I was shocked when I got my paper back that he had recommendations specifically regarding to Greek sounds!

Will you please tell me about your experiences as a student
at TC?

I love it. Everyone in my cohort is so nice. I enjoy getting to know students in the other two TESOL tracks. I also enjoy being a Student Ambassador. It is awesome to get to know people from other disciplines and learn about their departments. I like how breadth courses are a requirement at TC, and I can learn about different departments by taking classes. I was also surprised at how comfortable I was with taking classes outside of my program. I feel that this opportunity is extremely unique to Teachers College.

How did you navigate the NYC housing market?

I talked to representatives of the Off-Campus Housing Association at TC in order to find my apartment! They also directed me to affiliates of the college that helped me find my dream apartment that was convenient for my husband and me.

What is the most “New York” thing you have done?

I hung out with the FDNY at a restaurant once! I really felt like a New Yorker! Also I waited in line for two hours to get into a shop called DO, which is a “cooking dough café!”

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