Tired of Starbucks? Need a change from Butler Library? If you are looking for a new spot to study here in Morningside Heights, we have a list of places in our neighborhood where you can crank out a paper AND treat yourself at the same time!

1.) Hungarian Pastry Shop: 1030 Amsterdam Ave – This is our favorite! The Hungarian Pastry Shop is cash only, but it’s totally worth hitting the ATM, as it’s easily one of the best bakeries in Manhattan. Grab a freshly baked danish, croissant, or go all out for a piece of baklava. The earlier you can arrive–the better! Make sure to utilize their outdoor seating before NYC’s winter hits!

2.) Artopolis Espresso: 1090 Amsterdam Ave – Here you’ll find a large interior and a chic modern space–the perfect setting to grab a famous eclair and get to studying. Plus, it’s only a block away from the Hungarian Pastry Shop if you are having a hard time deciding…

3.) Joe Coffee: Northwest Corner Science Building, 550 West 120th St – If you need a change of scenery from the library, this is definitely your quickest option–it’s right across the street from our campus! During the school year, there is even a separate kiosk in case you just want drip coffee and a pastry on the go. Freshly roasted with a “punch card” that you can undoubtedly benefit from during your time here at TC!

4.) Tea Magic: 2878 Broadway – Okay, it’s a wee bit small and we get that! But bubble tea fans have no fear–we’ve got you covered! Two of my international friends (representing Japan and China) claim it to be your best option near campus. Despite the size, you should still be able to snag a seat and use their wifi!

5.) NUSSBAUM & WU Bakery & Cafe: 2897 Broadway – If you are more of a bagel fan like me, this is going to be your best option for an amazing breakfast and spacious area to study. If only looking for a bagel on the go, make use of Absolute Bagels at 2788 Broadway (it was rated one of the best bagel shops in all of Manhattan!).

Happy studying! And remember, you can always get your reading done on the 1 train!

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