As a new student, settling into a housing arrangement can be a daunting task; but have no fear! Whether you’ll live on-campus or off-campus, there is so much to look forward to. From the perspective of a student who has lived both on and off-campus, here are the top three great things about each housing option:

Top 3 “On-Campus” Housing Pros:

1. Rolling into class: There is nothing more convenient than the location of our on-campus housing options. From my own experience, waking up and getting to class in less than 20 minutes is a daily routine. Especially in the winter months, not having to bare the cold is a pleasant accommodation.

2. Maintenance and upkeep: Living in New Res, Bancroft, or one of our family housing options, you never have to worry about something going wrong with the plumbing, or any other unforeseen circumstances. The faculty and staff that take care of the buildings are effective and efficient when something needs to be taken care of. You can’t put a price on cleanliness.

3. Pit stops: When deciding where to eat lunch or take a nap, or just get away from it all, if you live on campus, it’s just a quick walk back to your room. Many of the rooms are single-student dwellings and having that space with a view of the surrounding area all to yourself will help you feel right at home.

Top 3 “Off-Campus” Housing Pros:

1. Homework on the train: During your commute, the best way to help the time pass is to get your homework done. By reading on the subway, ferry, or bus, you can finish those chapters that you just can’t wait to get through before class. Just don’t forget to get off at your stop (missing it will probably happen at some point, don’t panic!).

2. Explore the best city out there: This is NYC, people! Get out there and explore it. Whether you like museums, parks, or theatre shows, a commute is the best way to find new places to hang out. You’d be surprised how much good can come from taking the G train the wrong way.

3. Independence: You gain a certain level of ownership when you live off-campus in your own apartment. Roommates aside, the hunt and capture of a new place to start the next chapter in your life is invaluable. Especially, in a city like New York, you will learn and catch on early to how the city works.

If your housing plans are still in-flux, do not hesitate to contact TC’s Office of Residential Services! They are a great resource for all on and off-campus housing questions!

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