Last month of summer! Take a trip to the beach!

Rockaway Beach (Queens): You may have heard, but this summer started a new ferry from downtown to Rockaway Beach. Take a ferry from Wall Street to the beach while taking in the sights of downtown Manhattan. The Ferry Schedule can be found online here. It typically takes about 1 hour from downtown. FUN FACT: The top photo (above) is from my own personal trip on the Ferry!

Coney Island (Brooklyn): A beach, a boardwalk, and endless history! Take the Q downtown towards the end of the line to get to Brooklyn’s infamous Coney Island. Coney can be a big tourist attraction in the summer, but the rides and events won’t let you down! For a list of attractions, visit their website. Whereas taking the subway won’t give you as great of a view, the trip only takes about one hour from downtown Manhattan.

Jersey Shore (New Jersey): For those of you born before 1995, you may remember the MTV show with the same name–don’t let that be your first impression! The Jersey Shore is a lengthy strip of some spectacular and relaxing beaches! One of our best beach options, we are sad to say that there’s no real public transportation to get out here. If interested, consider renting a zipcar with some friends and cruising the 84 miles down the Garden State Parkway; the Jersey Shore is about an hour and 40 minutes from downtown Manhattan.

Brighton Beach (Brooklyn): Take the same line to Coney Island (the Q) but get off several stops earlier for a much quieter, laid back experience at Brighton Beach. From there, you can also walk twenty minutes to Manhattan Beach and see two in one day!

Long Beach (New York): Hop on the LIRR at Penn Station for less than an hour and
you’ll have your toes in the sand! The best part? It’s probably the cleanest sand you’ll find here in New York. The difference? Entry to this beach is $15. You get what you pay for! Head into the food market area, “Shoregasborg,” which is essentially a spin-off of the city’s famous Smorgasborg (big thanks to Time Out NYC for this guide on this summer’s Smorgasborg–also, a must!).

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