It’s time for another #AOProfile! This month features Associate Director Nicole (Niki) Siniscalchi! Niki came to TC for her master’s degree in Higher & Postsecondary Education in 2008, and she’s been here ever since! As the admission liaison to our Department of Organization & Leadership and our virtual events and recruitment coordinator, Niki loves sharing her experiences and alumna pride with prospective TC students. When she’s not at TC, you can find her doing yoga, exploring NYC and the Hudson Valley, or spending time with family.

Where are you from?

While I tend to say I’m from the more commonly known area of Poughkeepsie, New York, I am actually from Hyde Park–a smaller, neighboring town. Hyde Park houses a few noteworthy landmarks, including the Culinary Institute of America, the home of Franklin D. Roosevelt, Eleanor Roosevelt’s Val-Kill, and Vanderbilt Mansion.

What’s your favorite spot on TC’s campus?

I would say my fondest memories involve sharing a cup of coffee or tea with a friend in Everett Cafe!

What hobby do you wish you had more time for?

I love to stay active, usually through running, fitness classes, yoga, or strength training. I do wish I had more time to maintain a more regular schedule throughout the week (this is particularly true during the busiest parts of the admission cycle)!

What is your most significant memory as a student at TC?

There were so many profound moments for me as a TC student. My time in the M.A. program truly helped to shape my academic, professional, and personal journey! One of the most significant moments that comes to mind is the first time I had a chance to run my own class session as a teaching assistant! I have always enjoyed public speaking, engaging in rich dialogue, and serving as a group leader, so the opportunity to step into this sort of role as a master’s student was very exciting and rewarding.

What was your favorite course at TC?

Certainly a standout for me was Theories of Diversity in Higher Education with Dr. Julie Schell (who received her Ed.D. in HPSE from TC). The class focused on cultural diversity within higher education and took a critical look at the types of dynamic responses and initiatives that are necessary of higher education institutions and their professionals as they strive to meet the needs of all students. Dr. Schell was passionate, collaborative, and kept the course content relevant and engaging from the moment we stepped into the classroom.

Who was your favorite professor at TC?

Very challenging to select one, as I have had countless outstanding professors during my time at TC. I am very thankful to have had the opportunity to work with Dr. Thomas Rock as a teaching assistant and to have continued to work closely together over the years.

What is your favorite place to eat in NYC?

As a TC student and professional, there is no question that I have spent most of my time eating salads from Apple Tree (a nearby staple!), but my true favorite eatery is Freidmans. Also very close to TC, Friedmans has a ton of delicious (and gluten-free friendly) menu items, including my favorite–the fried chicken and cheddar waffle! 

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