By: Mina Mizutani

Studying in a virtual environment can be tricky at times! Keep reading to hear about some helpful tips from one of our very own TC students!

  1. Designate your very own study spot

Remote learning can be difficult at times because there’s room for constant distraction. I’ve found that having a designated study spot in any given environment helps with better focusing on your work. When I sit down in my study space, it’s a mental reminder that it’s time to get work done––I’m much more productive!

  1. Form a virtual study group

Being held accountable in collaboration with my classmates has been immensely helpful! Zoom study sessions, or any preferred virtual platform, with people in my cohort allows me to get assignments done while being able to bounce ideas off one another as we engage in digital discussions!

  1. Cut back on screen time 

While school and work is now remote for so many, it’s easy to stare at the computer screen all day without realizing it. I try to take small breaks throughout the day to give myself (and my eyes) a rest. Initially, I’d go on my phone during my lunch break, but stepping outside for a few minutes to walk around in natural light and fresh air, without another screen to look at, is refreshing!

  1. Enable “Do Not Disturb” notifications on your computer

While studying, and most importantly, during class, it’s helpful to enable “Do Not Disturb” on your device so that notifications won’t continue to pop up on your screen. Despite how many times I’ve tried, I can’t seem to help but get distracted when pesky notifications are always absorbing my phone screen. Using the iOS “Do Not Disturb” feature has been very helpful in being able to concentrate and focus better. 

  1. Keep a planner or calendar to stay on track

Since we’re operating in a virtual world, I personally feel that more responsibility is placed on students when it comes to staying organized. Since physical meetings and events no longer exist, keeping a planner or calendar to list all of my projects, assignments, papers, and events is essential for me to be organized and punctual.

6. Stay healthy and hydrated

It may sound silly, but having a few go-to study snacks and energy drinks can really make all the difference in productivity throughout the day. My go-to’s are: apples with peanut butter, tortilla chips, yogurt with granola, and/or peppermint tea. I’ll mix in some  chai tea here and there if I need a little extra caffeine.

7. Create a ‘study’ playlist 

A good playlist always comes in handy when I need to focus and get in my ‘study’ mindset. In fact, a recent survey concluded that 83% of students find their study sessions to be more useful if they are listening to background music. Some of my favorites are Spotify’s Lo-Fi Beats playlist and Lennon Stella’s “Three. Two. One.” album, just to name a few! 

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