Our FABULOUS Student Ambassador Rachel reflects on being a West Coast Girl in NYC in the winter!

I was extremely excited to move to New York City this past July, with one exception, winter. It’s not that I was dreading it but I just am not familiar with living somewhere with real weather or winters. Having been born and raised in California, “snow” is a weekend destination in the mountains, and not an everyday reality to wake up to. While I have been enjoying the crisp fall weather New York has had so far, I have already struggled with how to dress properly. I tend to either over dress with too many layers, or underestimate how cold it might be out because it is also sunny. I guess you could say that I am trying to learn on the job. But don’t worry, I know that my pea coat will not do when the real winter weather rolls in!
Based on tips from my classmates and friends who grew up on the East Coast, I have already gotten myself winter boots and a down-jacket. Fingers crossed that they do the trick and I will be able to brave the cold! There is one thing I know for sure though: seeing the city decked-out for the holidays will make the layers and the weather all worth it! Actually, maybe I should wait on making that statement until January comes around…

Either way, stay warm and enjoy the holiday season everyone!

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