Interviewed by: Lauren Percy

Meet Briana Freso, a first-year master’s student in Communication Sciences & Disorders Bilingual Track and one of our amazing Student Ambassadors! Briana recently answered our “fast five” to give us a glimpse into her life at TC and in NYC:

Why did you choose TC?

Location, location, location! I wanted to be home in New York, yet be able to explore the city on my own.

What’s your favorite part about being a New Yorker?

Food. The food and the fun, and when you can find those beautiful, peaceful places among the chaos. You also can never say that you’re bored.

What are your top three favorite restaurants in NYC?

This place called Burger and Lobster. Everybody has to go to Burger and Lobster. For $35.00, you get a burger, a pound of lobster, a side salad, and fries. It’s ridiculous. You have to go to Burger and Lobster. Also, there’s this amazing little Dominican restaurant near me called La Casa Del Pollo. They have little tables inside but I usually just grab the food to go. It tastes like somebody’s aunt made the food. It’s delicious. It’s fresh. I also love Thai—Spice is great.

What’s your favorite class that you’ve taken at TC?

I think right now it’s my Voice Disorders class. I’m learning a lot about my own voice. It is also interesting to learn how we speak on an actual physical level (like this is how your throat opens and closes). Definitely one of the best classes I’ve taken.

What is one thing that every TC student needs to do before graduation?

Take advantage of the discounted movie tickets, and attend an event that they have on campus where they have wine and food. TC’s events are great for meeting people that you may never meet outside of your program!

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