Commuting is an integral part of living life in the Big Apple! Check out these five helpful commuting tips below from Student Ambassador, Maggie Barilka:

  1. Google Maps is your best friend

Put your destination into Google Maps and select the ‘transit’ option. The app will automatically generate optimal routes using both the NYC bus lines and subway system. Using this feature saves time in planning out the most efficient routes, and it will tell you when the next bus or train is set to arrive!

  1. Listen to quality podcasts

Passing time on the subway or a long bus ride home is made simple with a good podcast! Some of my favorite podcasts include Fivethirtyeight Politics, Code Switch(NPR) and Girls Gotta Eat. I also listen to Swallow Your Pride, a Medical Speech Pathology podcast (aka my program here at TC!)

  1. Walking is an option

Something I’ve learned while living in New York is that sometimes it is faster to walk. I’ve also discovered so many new places by walking to my destinations, and I also get a quick workout in while doing so!

  1. Always check the weather 

Public transit tends to be more crowded when it’s raining, so be sure to check the weather ahead of time to plan your commute appropriately. Be sure to have an umbrella handy and some good walking shoes! Almost all commutes include walking a few blocks–rain or shine!

  1. Use your smartphone as a Metrocard

Whether you are simply trying to avoid using the machines in the subway stations, or just don’t want to keep track of your Metrocard, using the smartphone app serves as a quick fix. Enable ApplePay on your smartphone and scan on your way through the turnstile!

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