Gabriella Grinwald-Alves

I graduated from Sarah Lawrence College in 2020 and decided to take a year off before applying to graduate schools. I wasn’t sure whether to immediately go for an M.F.A in Documentary Filmmaking or make my way to the classroom where I could teach the documentary film process, from ethical creation and distribution to the philosophy of the art form. 

After exploring life outside of school for about a year, I couldn’t wait to jump back in! While exploring different paths that felt right for me at the moment, I found myself leaning more towards education. I applied to two media and tech teaching programs, but chose the vibrant community of Teachers College because it offers a variety of courses that center ethics, equity, and social justice in their pedagogies. It was a no-brainer for me once I found out that I could apply my love of film to the academic side of media!

Fast forward to a year later, not only does my coursework center the importance of ethics in media, but it allows me to develop my skills as someone who wants to work in the tech and media arena. I am currently learning how to code, which is something I never thought I would be able to do! I’m also developing an application specific to documentary film students so they can keep track of their film progress and submit materials directly to their professor in a timely manner–all with the push of a button!

When I complete my journey at Teachers College, I hope to teach masterclasses and work with young adults on the digital edge to create rich storytelling experiences that highlight their own interests and showcase their abilities. I am most interested in professing and guiding students to ethically contribute to the documentary film community while exposing the ordinary and extraordinary. I hope to later apply for an MFA in documentary filmmaking with a focus on cinematography and editing. Stay tuned!

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