By Maureen Guilbot

Being a graduate student means you will spend LOTS of time studying – and with that comes knowing where the go-to spots for studying are!

On TC, a fantastic place to study is the Gottesman Library. Gottesman is the largest educational library in the United States, and (to me) it is also one of the nicest places to hang out with friends or study! Depending on the vibe you’re looking for, you can either go to the second or third floors. 

The 2nd floor of the Gottesman Library is a collaborative space, so I often come here to study with friends and chat. If you are like me and you like some sound around you as you work, Gottesman’s 2nd floor is the place for you. My favorite place here is around the round tables by the windows because the table curves around you, so you get your own private space while being with friends. If you want no noise while you study, the 3rd floor is highly recommended. The 3rd floor is a quiet space, so it allows for lots of intensive study time – and as a plus, it is also incredibly scenic! 

On Columbia’s main campus, one study spot I absolutely need to recommend is Butler Library. Anywhere in Butler, you will be surrounded by books and beautiful architecture. As you walk directly into the library and head up the stairs you will be in the main section, which is popular among students to study. Another great perk of Butler is that this library is open 24/7. This area gets filled quickly – I’m telling you, it is incredibly beautiful, and students know it!! – so the best time to get a seat is early in the morning or after 5 pm.

Next is Avery Library. This spot has incredible window seats that overlook parts of the main campus, so if you really want to feel that studious fall vibe – this is the best seat in the house. My favorite place to sit here is next to the windows because the table allows four people to sit together, so it is a little more private. As the fall season approaches, this is a really great place to watch all the foliage. Pro tip: If you ever want to feel like the Youtube Lofi Girl, go study here. 

And my last spot that I think deserves all the love is the Math Library on the main campus. I really like this spot because it is like a hidden gem. The second floor is where it’s at. You walk into the library and head up the stairs, and there are seats located behind rows of math books that overlook a campus pathway. It is typically quiet in this library, so you can get lots of work done, and I almost always find a seat here.

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