By: Keana Arevalo

  1. Notability

This note taking app has been around for a long time. It has recently upgraded to a subscription basis, which means you can get the full functionality of the application in all its glory. I bought this app when it was $9 and have not looked back since. Using the audio recording option, you can click any word and it’ll take you to your exact recording. So no excuses for ever missing things!

  1. Goodnotes

This is similar to Notability but contains more varieties in terms of the paper template. They also just updated their app to include a recording system like the one in Notability. This is definitely an easier application to use when wanting to create folders for all your organization.

  1. Anki

Similar to Quizlet, a lot of medical students I know use Anki. You are able to add texts, audio, and videos–even ones you drew yourself. There is a special scheduling algorithm that reminds you about materials you might forget. Anki is more on the expensive end ($24.99), but it syncs to all your devices and is more highly effective than Quizlet.

  1. Voice Memos

I had to include a free app that is already downloaded on your iPad. Voice memos is something I often utilized during my first year as a graduate student because it was easy to use and already syncs to all my devices via iCloud. If you don’t want to buy Notability, this is a great alternative. Just make sure you write down the times for all your important material!

  1. Headspace: Mindful Meditation

As we know, graduate school is a very stressful time in our lives. I wanted to add a meditation app because it is very useful to have this on your iPad, especially during those late night study sessions. It is important to take a minute, have a break from all that hard work, and just reflect.

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