Thinking of applying to Teachers College for the Summer or Fall of 2023? Don’t worry; there’s still time! Our application can be completed entirely online and will be open until April 15.* Keep reading for a breakdown of what it takes to apply to TC.

First off, you need to complete the online application form. You’ll pick your program of choice, which semester you wish to start, and fill in your information. The application is also where you will upload your required supplemental materials and designate your recommenders. What is needed for each program may vary, so be sure to go to our Programs Search page to view a complete list of requirements for your program of interest. 

In addition to the online application form, the following materials are standard across all degree programs: statement of purpose, resume, postsecondary transcripts and evaluations, and letters of recommendation.

What exactly should a statement of purpose contain? That is entirely up to you and should highlight your reasons for seeking a degree at TC. This is your opportunity to add your voice to the application! Generally, you want to explore the following questions: Why you? Why TC? Why now?

Next, you will need to submit your academic transcripts from previous institutions. This includes every school that has awarded you postsecondary-level course credits, including degree-granting institutions, transfer credit schools, postgraduate enrichment coursework, and study abroad programs. Full course titles, number of credits, and final grades must be reflected on all transcripts. We will accept either unofficial or official copies of your transcripts for application review purposes. 

For more information on submitting your transcripts, please visit our How to Apply page. Here, you will find more information on other application items that may be required for your program, such as letters of recommendation, standardized tests, and other supplemental materials.

Once you have uploaded your materials, it’s time to submit the application! Double-check that everything is correct and that you have all the required documentation for your program before submitting.

Are you an international student? Although some deadlines for 2023 has already passed (check your program’s), we have some resources to keep in mind! Visit our International Applicants page, which is dedicated to specific information to assist you as you navigate applying to TC. This includes visa and application deadlines as well as information on submitting official academic evaluations required for any degrees pursued outside of the U.S.

Also, check out our Frequently Asked Questions and detailed answers! 

Still have questions about applying or life at TC? Reach out to our Student Ambassadors at Our ambassadors are knowledgeable, current students who would love to answer any questions you may have!

*This is the deadline for the majority of master’s degree programs for domestic students. International student deadlines and other program and degree deadlines may vary; see our full deadlines here.

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