By Sina McLin

As a second-year student, I have used many campus resources and participated in many events on campus. Here is a list of resources and recommendations for incoming first-year students to consider!  

Graduate Writing Center (GWC)

  • Writing is an important skill you will utilize daily at TC and in the professional world. The graduate writing center is a fantastic place to work, get a second opinion on a paper for class, or help brainstorm the structure of your thesis. They offer one-on-one consultations, monthly workshops, and occasionally writing retreats. I’ve found it very useful for thesis help — I’ve gotten help with annotated bibliographies, literature reviews, and general reviews! 

Student Organizations

  • There are 43 current registered clubs and student organizations listed in the directory. I am on the leadership team for the Student Advocates for the Arts with two other members of my cohort. These organizations are a great way to make friends, get involved, and learn about the city and global cultures. I highly recommend attending some events and joining an organization that interests you!

Dodge Fitness Center 

  • Working out is always a great break from studying and going to class. The Dodge Fitness Center is Columbia University’s main fitness center and is available to all TC students. If you live in Whittier Hall, there is a fitness room in the lobby that is an excellent alternative to the larger gym. 

Employment at TC and Beyond 

  • There are lots of services available to students for employment opportunities. If you are a student awarded work study, you can browse all the job listings on the Student Employment portal on TC’s website. TC NEXT (Career Services) is another great resource for students. They have events where you can get a professional headshot taken, resume workshops, and mock interviews. There is also a portal for Student Employment Beyond TC that is very useful for students when looking for a job! 

Columbia Library System 

  • The Columbia Library system is one of the largest in the country! There are 21 separate libraries across the campus, all filled with incredible resources. Butler Library and Gottesman Library (on TC’s campus) are the most popular branches. They are helpful for printing, research, reserving study rooms for independent or group work, and general studying!  

Student Support & Advocacy (SSA)  

  • This is a central hub for all information about things happening at TC! They send out a weekly newsletter with links and updates for events across the campus and updates from organizations. Make sure you look at the newsletters to be up to date and not miss great opportunities! 

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