Moving to NYC can be daunting — there are many factors to consider, such as rent prices, neighborhoods, transportation, and what to do once you’re here. We’ve compiled a list of tips, tricks, and resources for incoming students moving to and navigating the city for the first time!

TC has created a PDF with basic information about navigating your off-campus housing search. It includes valuable tips, facts, and resources that will prepare you to be an educated tenant. Each page takes you through a ten-step process, including an overview of our services, what you should consider before deciding to live off-campus, how to draft a budget sheet, and imperative questions to ask the landlord or realtor. 

Once you have decided on housing, familiarize yourself with the city and public transportation! The MTA system is made up of buses and subway lines. There are maps in the subway stations to help you determine where the trains go (uptown or downtown, Brooklyn or Queens, etc.). The easiest way to navigate the city is by using Apple Maps, Google Maps, or CityMapper. Just put in your desired destination or address, click the public transportation option, and then your phone will tell you what trains to take, where to switch if needed, and what exit to use from the subway station. To use a bus or subway, you can use an MTA card or tap your phone and pay through OMNY readers by the turnstiles.  

If you’re registered for New Student Orientation (NSO), this will help you learn more about the city. You can sign up for Broadway lottery tickets, go on university-led trips to nearby neighborhoods and landmarks, and meet new people to explore with! In addition, the Graduate Student Life and Development office (GSLD) organizes many events throughout the year, so make sure you read the newsletters emailed to students every week! 

Another great way to learn more about NYC is to follow Instagram accounts like @secret_nyc or check out pre-made NYC bucket lists like 101 Things to do in NYC. Going to free events or checking out iconic places around the city will help you start to make it feel like home! 

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